Spring is here? Why is it snowing?

I love Spring. I enjoy seeing the flowers blooming, the grass turning green and all the little critters coming out. I know that some of you fight allergies and Spring is a tough time of the year for you and I regret that for you. This year’s weather is playing games, it seems. We had such a warm winter and then everything started blooming and now the cold snap is coming with snow forecast for this Friday here in Tennessee. Guess I’ll have to cover my new plants. This is sort of like life, isn’t it? Right when things start looking rosy, something comes along and messes it up. We get to where we expect things to work out and then something falls apart. How do we handle these type of circumstances? First, we turn to God and pray for His help. Then, we thank Him that things are not worse than they are and that He continues to bless us in so many ways. Why do we tend to focus on the “bad” stuff? If you did an inventory of your life right now, I expect you would have more good things going on than bad. Yet, we tend to focus on the bad. Just a change in focus creates a whole new outlook and makes dealing with the bad things easier. Rejoice in the good God is doing in your life even while you struggle to get through the tough spots. Even with the snow coming, we all know that the next week it will start warming up. bob